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If you’ve recently bought a brand-new mattress, you know it’s time for your old mattress to be removed and properly disposed off. Mattresses take up a lot of space and are just too heavy to carry on your own. You don’t want to carry it down the steps risking a back or spine injury, let alone take it on a long drive trying to find the closest landfill.


You’re busy, and removal and disposal of mattresses is a lengthy process. How can you legally and efficiently dispose of a mattress that is old in Arlington, Virginia? The best way to dispose of it is to call us, for we are a local mattress disposal and removal company that you can trust.


We aim to offer the best customer satisfaction throughout Virginia, and we promise that you’ll be pleased with our work. Call us for a FREE, no-obligation quote today! (703) 952-7217

Looking for "Mattress Removal Near Me?"

Instead of searching for mattress removal services near me or searching for a dumpster service that will take your mattress, let us ease your burden. We’ll remove your old mattress in Arlington easily so you can focus on your other daily routines. Our mattress removal service in Arlington and near by towns is cost-effective and takes the burden away from you.

What Do We Do With your old Mattress?

You might be wondering what we’ll use your old mattress for. Do we donate it? Recycle it? Do we take your trash to the landfill?

The problem is that most donation facilities in Virginia don’t accept mattresses because of the danger of insects and bedbugs. They aren’t willing to pass the mattress to someone in need only to create them more issues. This makes sense and leaves us with two choices.


The first thing we’ll look at is to take your mattress to a recycling facility. This is an environmentally friendly alternative, since almost every piece of mattress can be transformed into something completely new.


Fabric and the batting are taken away and used to make new cloth products like towels or clothing. The springs will be taken out and used to make new products made of metal, such as planes, cars and construction machinery. The foam, which is the primary ingredient in mattresses, is utilized to make carpet padding.


Discovery’s Planet Green website estimates that around 90% of the substances used in modern mattresses can be reused. That means your mattress could remain in use for a long time to come.


Unfortunately, certain mattresses cannot be reused, even though the mattress appears to be in great order. It’s usually because of insects or other types of damage. If recycling your mattress isn’t feasible, we’ll determine the most sustainable and environmentally friendly method of disposing of it.


What to Expect on Mattress Removal and Disposal Day

What can you expect when you contact professional mattress removal services in Arlington, VA.

• Our team of experienced junk removal experts will schedule an appointment to collect your mattress.
• We’ll be there to collect your mattress at the agreed time. We won’t keep you waiting.
• We’ll take your mattress, take our money, and then we’ll be out of your hair.
• You can get on with your day and relax on that new mattress.

It’s that simple!!

Is It Safe?

Absolutely! Our professionals are insured and licensed to ensure your protection and their own. Our team is trained on the most effective method to get rid of your mattress safely and without risk of injury.

What is the Cost of the Mattress Cleaning Cost?

The price of the service will differ according to the circumstances. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to give you an estimate as well as help to set up the time and date that is suitable for you. We also offer discounts and promotions from time to time, so don’t hesitate and make sure you inquire about more details.

Why should I hire the services of a Professional Mattress Removal Company?

Removal of the mattress you’ve been using for a while can be a challenge. It’s important to take into consideration aspects such as stairs, the chance of having to hire a second person in order to move your mattress, as well as the risk of injury. Incorrect lifting can cause an array of knee, shoulder, back and various health issues.


It’s a lot of information to think about, even without taking into consideration how much time it’ll consume from your workday. Are you really willing to take the next day hauling mattresses across town in Virginia traffic? If no, then you should think about letting us take care of your burden.

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We’ve explained why you should contact us to make an appointment, what you can anticipate from us, and what we’ll accomplish with removing your mattress. All you have to do is to schedule an appointment with us. We’ll collaborate together with you to make sure the pick-up time and date are in your favor and ensure that the experience is as easy as it can be. We currently service all the Arlington and surrounding areas in Virginia. Our Junk Removal Experts are waiting to assist you!



If you’re eager to rid yourself of the mattress you’ve had sitting around, we’re here to assist you. Contact us to get a special mattress removal discount now, and we’ll help you get it sorted out.

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