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Who is Junk Removal Arlington?

We offer a full-service junk service. We take away items that you don’t need anymore including construction materials, restoration materials, construction debris, cushions, couches etc.

What are you able to remove?

We can remove any non-hazardous item that two people can lift.

What are you going to dispose or take away?

Timber – Fences secured, firewood, old wood
Construction products – Debris, tiling
Yard waste – Branches cuts from trees and shrubs
Furniture – Sofas/couches, couches beds cushions
Appliances – Refrigerators, fridge freezers, washers, and dryers for clothes
Garage, attic, and dropped scrap – Books, boxes old devices, tires
Concrete – from broken paths or floors
Dust and soil from a brand new yard
Roof tiles Corrugated iron
Remodeling projects – Wall surfaces windows floors, floorboards, drywall structures and plasterboard,

What do you not remove or dispose?

Chemicals, solvents, and oils
Drums for oil (unless empty, and upper and leading removed).
Oil storage tanks.
Scrap cars (go to www.junkmycar.com for scrap removal of vehicles).

Are you certified to provide junk removal?

Our vehicles as well as staff are all trained and are guaranteed. We guarantee our work, or we’ll give you your money returned.

Why aren’t you able to give me an exact price before your arrival?

The rates are based on the quantity and the nature of the item. We are unable to give an exact price until we can see the items. We’ll definitely schedule an appointment with you and give you a FREE quote. The crew members will confirm the price upon their arrival.

When should I book an appointment?

Contact us as soon as you can, because time slots are filled quickly. When you call, we’ll inform you of the time slot in your area.

Why do visits have to be scheduled in time slots of two hours?

Our team will contact you between 15 and 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time and provide you with precise time frames for their arrival. This lets them handle unexpected situations like traffic or projects that are more than anticipated.

Do you have the ability to get the work completed for me if I’m not present?

Clients must be present at the time our crew arrive. We contact clients 15-30 minutes prior to arriving. If you’re not able to attend on-site The vehicle’s drivers will check rates at the time of arrival, and then call you for confirmation. We accept credit cards by phone.

I’d like to complete this task but it’s during the evening hours. Do you have the time?

Contact us, and we’ll be glad to talk about your possibilities. It’s not safe for our employees to perform work in the dark. Customized setups are possible when needed.

What do you do with all the scrap?

It all depends on the items you have. We’ll certainly take certain items to the transfer station, recycle or even to the garbage dump. We are not a restoration company or a charity. We strive to reuse as much rubbish in the way we’re able.

Why can’t you use dangerous products?

We’re not allowed to transport motor vehicles and vehicles aren’t licensed to transport hazardous substances. Contact your local recycling or hotline for monitoring waste to get more assistance.

Are you able to transfer your junk items from one place to another?

Just to the recycling or dump center. Why do you need to keep your trash?

What is the reason you charge me for dump fee?

Our Disposal Teams complete all the loading, clean up, and then take the items to local dumps or recycle them. We are charged at the dump in the same way we would.

What equipment does your truck group included?

Two or more solid means in addition to shovels, rakes, and sometimes wheelbarrows and carts. We don’t operate equipment or carry ladders.

Why should I use your service rather than using a dumpster?

You don’t need to do anything, and we have vehicles that can take on the load. Two individuals complete all the work and also clean up. We calculate our charges based on the quantity of things that take up our truck. Dumpsters can be found at your house or workplace, but you are responsible for the lifting and cleaning yourself.

What size is your truck?

The truck has a length of 10 feet, eight feet wide and 5 feet high.

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